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Miracle the One is a car in which every car enthusiast sees his dream.

For some it is a F1 car for legal city driving.
Some see in it features of a stylish and elegant racing car of 50s, the last F1 car that preferred style rather than downforce.
Others see in it a truly courageous car without traction control and ABS, at the wheel of which you can feel like a true contemporary Stirling Moss or Juan Manuel Fangio.
For the rest it is the most elegant and practical electric car they use every day.

Miracle concept


Miracle designers were inspired by such great cars as Maserati F250 and Mercedes W196. As a result, you won’t be unnoticed driving Miracle the One.


Miracle the One is overstaffed with technologies. For example, the body is made of high-strength carbon fibre sewed with kevlar thread


The objective of Miracle is to create the feeling that you are driving a F1 car of 50s on public roads, and at the same time to create a car using the latest technology.


This is a two-seater car. You don’t have to refuse yourself a company travelling on Miracle.
Battery capacity of 50 kWh allows driving more than 500 km on one charge.

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